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What to Expect on the Strategy Call

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Gestalt Financial Group is built on the belief that there are certain financial principles that should be true regardless of the company or product that is eventually used to help clients achieve their goals. Our beliefs drive everything we do, so our process involves much more than creating a marketing plan or learning new product positioning. 

We have found that the Portfolio Waterfall planning principles often challenge advisors at a deep level. Gestalt Financial Group on-boarding is a collaborative journey to discover fundamental philosophies, uncover timeless principles, expose hidden biases, and identify the core problems of financial planning. Because advisors are required to engage deeply, the full on-boarding process takes approximately 6 weeks to complete. 

Don't worry! We're not asking you to commit now. That's why the on-boarding process starts with the STRATEGY CALL. At the end of the strategy call, you will have a good idea whether or not you want to begin the journey.