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I Thought They Weren't Getting It

   Miguel Castaneda, ChFC - Arrival Point Financial

“I thought I’d share my experience with you after attending Josh’s Portfolio Waterfall series. I’m part of a small local networking group. Up until two weeks ago, I had received only two small referrals from the group in the past year. But two weeks ago, it was my turn to do a 15-minute presentation to the group and I presented Josh’s Portfolio Waterfall slideshow. Mind you, I did not actually present the slides. I had them for reference and spoke through each of the points.”

“To say the group was under a spell would be an understatement. At first, I thought they were not getting it since there was a lot of silence but as I proceeded, I realized they were in shock! As my time ran out, they would not let me leave the stage. Questions came one after another as they struggled to undo a lifetime of 'investment education.' That day, I received four referrals from the group: all of them for their own portfolios. Two of the four are about to move to Starlight [Portfolios]. One of them is from a LTC and life insurance producer with NW Mutual who is looking hard at getting this presented to NW Mutual. At the very least, he may have me manage some of his clients’ portfolios to create the cash flow for his insurance solutions.”